Many activities in Nanaimo for bathtub weekend

  Traffic was shut down and there was an energy in the air as hip-hop dancers set the mood on Nanaimo’s Commercial Street on Friday. Nanaimo’s holding the 52nd annual championship bathtub race and family-friendly activities are happening in Nanaimo’s downtown throughout the weekend. “Starting at 9:30 Saturday. Free fun activity right through to four […]

Huge turnout for first downtown Nanaimo street market

It was a drastically different look and feel for downtown Nanaimo, as an estimated 3,000 people converged for the inaugural Commercial Street Night Market. 70 vendors selling a range of items, combined with entertainment, including a well received street performer, attracted people of all ages Thursday evening. “The shop owners are all gleeful about what’s going […]

House prism will rise again

History tells us that with very rare exceptions, no matter how far property values fall, eventually they will come back even stronger. The latest housing market data shows sales are down and prices have dropped an average of 11 per cent across Canada over the past year, so the difficult task facing people thinking of […]


陈衍山地产经纪解读2018 年4月Nanaimo地产报告 从市场来看独立屋, 价格持续上涨, 12个月综合平均成交价为53万, 比起去年同期涨13%。其中Nanaimo南北两区各成交了22 栋独立屋,占据了主要的成交量, 两区不分上下。 根据报告,南区的房子涨幅迅速,12个月的平均成交价涨幅为13%, 大于北区的9% ,其很多待开发的新型区域都是投资者比较中意的。我们看到南区人口在迅速增加,是投资者的新趋向。 高价位房价涨幅有缓慢象限,房源增加,需求减少,成交量于去年同期相比, 减少了11%。由于受政府新政策的影响,买卖双方都在出去观望态度。独立屋市场活跃性与去年同期减少。   然而, 联排别墅和公寓房的买卖成交量有大幅度的增长。从下面的图表可以看出, 今年4月公寓房(Condos Apt)平均成交价是25万多, 成交量比去年同期上调了33% 。 尤其特出的是单层联排房(Condos Patio),去年4月份成交的4 套与今年同月的13套相比, 增长了225%, 具有相当大的市场潜力。其原因有两点, 第一, 新一批的退休人士专注于单层联排。 随着空巢老人的增加, 越来越多的退休人士开始置换房子,卖大房以便换取更适于居住的小房。由此也可看出, 市场上独立屋的数量比去年多。 第二, 由于价格的优势来吸引投资者, 一部分投资者愿意以较小的成本作为头期投资, 用于长期出租,获得收益。 由此可见, 小户型的单层联排的市场关注度是比较高的。目前, 北区有一片新的单层联排别墅区域在开发。都是具有相当大投资潜力的小户型,第一,第二期已经在预售完毕。现在后期开放已经开始接受预定了。 单层2卧+书房   (总体面积为1537平尺); 单层 2卧(总体面积1369 平尺)                 如果您有兴趣预约看房,或者想了解更多的本地区房产信息,请联系陈衍山地产经纪, 致电 250- 619- 2882. 或者扫描下方二维码:  

Island Voices: We should expand the speculation tax

Street scene in St. John’s, NL: Janet Doyle suggests that British Columbia could work something out with provinces losing population, real-estate value and vital businesses, to present an opportunity for would-be foreign purchasers to revitalize those parts of Canada whose economies are flagging. Photograph By PLACES TO VISIT Re: “Everyone loses with B.C.’s real-estate speculation tax,” […]